Commentary on the Iliad (1900)

Commentary on the Iliad (1900)
By Walter Leaf
London Macmillan 1900

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Book 5

Book 5 (Ε)

Commentary on line 4

dai=e/ oi( is added epexegetically to δῶκε, and hence without a conjunction, as Od. 5.234, etc. But the variants δαῖε δέ οἱ ἐκ κόρυθος and δαῖέ οἱ κόρυθος may point to an older δαῖε δέ οἱ κόρ., or rather, as van L. suggests, δαῖε δέ f̓(οι) ἐκ κόρ. For the idea cf. 18.206-14, and 22.134-5. The fire seems to be rather a symbol of invincible fury than a physical flame; for it is not remarked in the sequel by friend or foe.