Commentary on the Iliad (1900)

Commentary on the Iliad (1900)
By Walter Leaf
London Macmillan 1900

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Book 1 (Α)

Book 2 (Β)

Book 3 (Γ)

Book 4 (Δ)

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Book 6 (Ζ)

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Book 1

Book 1 (Α)

Commentary on line 1

qea/, the Μοῦσα of Od. 1.1, who tells the poet the history which he has to relate; see 2.484-92, and compare Od. 22.347 αὐτοδίδακτος δ' εἰμί, θεὸς δέ μοι ἐν φρεσὶν οἴμας παντοίας ἐνέφυσεν, and Od. 8.44, 64, 488 σέ γε Μοῦσ' ἐδίδαξε, Διὸς πάϊς, σέ γ' Ἀπόλλων. *phlhi+a/dew, originally no doubt Πηληϊάδἀ(ο). This is one of a class of patronymics formed with a double suffix, the adjectival -ιο- and the purely patronymic -αδη-ς: while the commoner form Πηλε-ίδη-ς has only one. Cf. 2.566.