Commentary on the Odyssey (1886)

Commentary on the Odyssey (1886)
By W. Walter Merry
Oxford Clarendon Press 1886-1901

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Book 1 (α)

Book 2 (β)

Book 3 (γ)

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Book 5 (ε)

Book 6 (ζ)

Book 7 (η)

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Book 22 (χ)

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Book 22

Book 22 (χ)

Commentary on line 2

me/gan ou)do/n, the threshold at the entrance of the μέγαρον. The object of Ulysses was to prevent the escape of the Suitors (l. 171 μνηστῆρας ἀγαυοὺς σχήσομεν ἔντοσθεν μεγάρων): their only chance was to force him from the doorway, and pass out into the town (l. 76 εἴ κέ μιν οὐδοῦ ἀπώσομεν ἠδὲ θυράων, ἔλθωμεν δ' ἀνὰ ἄστυ, κτλ.).