Commentary on the Odyssey (1886)

Commentary on the Odyssey (1886)
By W. Walter Merry
Oxford Clarendon Press 1886-1901

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Book 1 (α)

Book 2 (β)

Book 3 (γ)

Book 4 (δ)

Book 5 (ε)

Book 6 (ζ)

Book 7 (η)

Book 8 (θ)

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Book 2

Book 2 (β)

Commentary on line 1

r(ododa/ktulos. If this epithet is anything more than an element in the description of the feminine beauty of Eos, we may perhaps see in it an allusion to the spreading rays of rosy light, like fingers of an open hand, which are often visible just before sunrise. εἶεν δ' ἂν Ἠοῦς δάκτυλοι κατὰ ἀλληγορίαν αἱ τοῦ ἡλίου ἀκτῖνες Eustath. ad loc.

*)hw/s, the Aeolic form of which is αὔως, is the same as the Latin Aurora (i. e. aus-osa) and the Sanskrit us-ar, uS-asa, the root running through all the forms, being us, meaning to give heat, or light. See Curt. G. E. p. 358.