Commentary on the Iliad (1900)

Commentary on the Iliad (1900)
By Walter Leaf
London Macmillan 1900

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Book 7

Book 7 (Η)

Commentary on line 1

pule/wn: Bentley conj. πόλεως or ῥα πυλέων, as the gen. plur. fem. in -έων is almost always counted as a single syllable. The only exceptions appear to be 12.340 καὶ πυλέων and Od. 21.191 ἐκτὸς θυρέων. He should, however, have rather suggested πόλιος, as πόλεως is not found in H. except as a variant in one or two passages, 11.168, 20.52. In any case -έων for -άων is suspicious. Fick conj. πύργων.

4-6. A very similar comparison will be found in Od. 23.233 ff. The point lies in the part. e)eldome/noisin. For e)pei/ ke ka/mwsin (5) cf. on 1.168.